This service helps children who have been removed from their parents’ care to achieve the best possible connection with their families. For some children, this will mean a permanent return to their homes.childhands

Parents need a high level of parenting capacity to cope with the challenges that reunification presents. Risks often need to be addressed, too, such as substance abuse, mental illness, abuse of the child and domestic violence.

The chances of reunification succeeding are usually improved when the foster carer and the parent work together – with the help of a facilitator.
We work intensively with children in care, their foster carers and family of origin, in collaboration with the Department for Child Protection, to ensure the child's safety.

The first step is to understand how well you care for your child and identify knowledge and skills that need to be strengthened.

Our Family Care Worker and Social Worker will work with you as a team to help you build on your knowledge and skills to:

  • Increase positive interactions with your children
  • Link to your community
  • Provide a nurturing environment for your children
  • Provide safe care for your children
  • Understand how children change and grow through play
  • Make decisions and plan for your children's growth and development

If your child has been taken into care for reasons of neglect or serious harm, it takes serious work to be able to reconnect with them.
Reunification spans a continuum, from complete return home through to optimum connection with the birth family - whatever is the best outcome for the child.

Our work complies with the Signs of Safety Framework and builds on the strengths of the child and family in collaboration with the Department for Child Protection.
This service is funded by the Department for Child Protection.

You can make a referral to this service by downloading the form below, or contact us for more information or call us during business hours on (08) 9245 2441.


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