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About the Program 

In Home Care Program

The In Home Care (IHC) program provides flexible care that supports families’ workforce participation and child care requirements where other options are not available or appropriate.

In Home Care Support Agencies

The In Home Care Support Agency will match suitable families to approved services, and recommend to the Department the number of places to be allocated to each service. The Department will take into account these recommendations in allocating In Home Care places to services.

While the In Home Care Support Agencies will provide general support and professional development opportunities to educators, In Home Care Services will be responsible for their employment arrangements including verifying the necessary documentary evidence relating to qualifications and checks.

In Home Care Services

In Home Care Services will be responsible for the actual service delivery. Broadly, this will involve engaging a qualified educator, undertaking home inspections, monitoring service delivery and undertaking Child Care Subsidy related activities such as submission of child care attendance records and making Additional Child Care Subsidy claims.

Becoming an In Home Care Service 

To be able to provide In Home Care, services will need to be approved for the Child Care Subsidy to provide In Home Care, and be operated by a provider approved under the Family Assistance law.

Criteria for In Home Care

In Home Care must be provided only for children in families eligible for the Child Care Subsidy who can demonstrate that other types of approved child care are not available or appropriate and where one or more of the following criteria apply:

  • parents or carers are working non-standard or variable hours, outside normal child care service hours

  • parents or carers are geographically isolated from other types of approved child care, particularly in rural or remote locations

  • the family has challenging or complex needs, including where families are experiencing challenging situations, and other approved child care services are not able to meet the needs of the child or the family

  • If you feel you are eligble to apply for In Home Care (click the application button below) 

What subsidy will I receive for In Home Care?

The Child Care Subsidy for In Home Care will be based on a family hourly rate cap of $25.48 per hour. The percentage of the subsidy to which the family is entitled will be based on the family’s combined adjusted taxable income, and will be up to 85 per cent of the actual fee charged or 85 per cent of the family hourly rate cap, whichever is lower. Families are required to pay the remainder of the fee. Additional fee assistance will be available through the Additional Child Care Subsidy up to a family hourly rate of $30.58 for families that are genuinely disadvantaged. Where exceptional circumstances apply, a family may be eligible for the full cost of care to be subsidised.


In Home Care National Guidelines

Becoming an Approved childcare service

Additional Child Care Subsidy

In Home Care Roles and Responsibilities

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The In Home Care program is funded by the Australian Government, Department of Education and Training