Wanslea works with children and young people up 18 years that are impacted upon by their parent’s mental illness.

The program aims to improve the mental health outcomes for children of parents with a mental illness, prevent the worry and trauma possible when parents experience periods of being unwell or require hospitalisation.

Services extend throughout the Perth metropolitan area and into Mandurah.

Support is primarily provided to children through individualised informal counselling and mental health promotion, peer support programs and pro-social recreational activities. Through the evidence based Let’s Talk About Children program parents are encouraged to adopt a “developmental lens” through which to understand how their parenting and the parent-child relationship are meeting the needs of their children.

Young people over 10 years of age can complete an Expression of Interest form themselves. Parents and families can complete a referral form themselves. Schools and agencies can refer families by completing the form in partnership with a member/s of the family.

The Mental Health Commission of Western Australia fund Wanslea’s COPMI program.

You can also find out more about the Mental Health Commission of WA, National COPMI Initiative and the Emerging Minds (formerly Australian Infant, Child, and Adolescent & Family Mental Health Association) from the websites.

Click here for a copy of the COPMI Brochure

Click here for a REFERRAL form for COPMI

Click here for an Expression of Interest form for COPMI