The SKIPS (Supporting Kids in Primary Schools) program is designed to increase the understanding of the impact of mental illness on families and to foster support for children who live with a parent experiencing a mental illness. SKIPS gives Grade 5/6 students appropriate language for talking about mental illness and increases their understanding of people who live with mental illness.  It also helps to reduce the stigma of mental illness in the school and wider community.

The SKIPS program was originally developed by EACH Ltd and Eastern Health (Victoria) in 2000 as a mental health promotion program for children of parents with mental illness.  This was a response to an identified need to to develop primary school staff in their role of supporting children who have a parent with mental illness.

SKIPS has been evaluated from the pilot stage and this evaluation can be found in: Health Promotion Journal of Australia, 2003, v14 n3, pp216-218 - Primary schools: opportune settings for changing attitudes and promoting mental health by Andrew Joyce, Becca Allchin, Julie Malmborg, Leigh Candy and Vicki Cowling.  Monash University are currently undertaking a second evaluation on the effectiveness of the SKIPS program.

The program encompasses sessions for every level of the school community:

*   two whole of staff sessions
*   three weekly student sessions in class groups
*   one parent session

Wanslea has run the SKIPS program successfully within 6 schools across Metropolitan Perth and in regional areas (East Butler Primary School, East Ballajura Primary School, Bramfield Park Primary School, Ashburton Drive Primary School, Bindoon Primary School and Waroona District High School).

Contact us for more information about the SKIPS program during business hours on (08) 9245 2441 or email us