Thrive is a new support program helping Aboriginal and public housing tenants in the Wheatbelt and Goldfields regions. 

A Wanslea staff member can talk to you about the issues going on in your life and together you can tackle problems before they become too great.  Thrive will help you follow easy steps to build your confidence so that you can manage your family life, household and engage with your community. 

Who will Thrive support?

Thrive supports tenants in public and Aboriginal housing who are having difficulty staying in their homes.  This includes Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders, those from CALD backgrounds or living with a disability. 

Contact us if you think the Thrive support program can assist you. 

If you live in the Goldfields region:

Phone: (08) 9245 2441


Address: Unit 1, 58 Egan Street, Kalgoorlie.


If you live in the Wheatbelt region:

Phone: (08) 9245 2441


Address: 329/331 Fitzgerald Street, Northam.


 This service is provided by Wanslea Limited in conjunction with our partners, KEEDAC, Yorgum, and Ruah Community Services. 
Thrive is funded by the State Government through the Department of Communities