Centre Based Care

Individual learning and development through caring and educational experiences

Wanslea’s centre based care provides child-focused long day care services, that includes a combination of child initiated, adult supported play experiences to provide opportunities, choice and challenges for children both indoors and outdoors. Rich play and learning environments provide children with emotional, intellectual and social interactions in a holistic setting to allow for the discovery and wonder of learning.

Wanslea’s Educators

Passionate, knowledgeable and experienced, our educators support your child’s learning, building trust and providing experiences that enhance and promote strengths and skills.

All of Wanslea's curricula, principles and practices are based on the Early Years Learning Framework and service quality is based on the National Quality Standard.“We provide a home away from home for your children, dedicated to providing a high quality, warm, nurturing, and fun environment. We understand each child comes to the centre with an unique and individual way of viewing and interacting with their world based on their families care practices, experiences and cultural background”.

Centres are located at: 

  • Joondanna
  • Plantagenet (Mt Barker)
  • Murdoch
  • Rockingham

Orientation visits are integral to a child’s transition into a new care centre. This gives both parents and children the opportunity to get to know new people, as well as the sights, sounds and smells of the environment.
Short visits also allow your child to practise saying goodbye, and experience a short separation while learning to trust that parents will always come back to pick them up.
For more information, please see our Parent Information Handbook, as well as our brochure.

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Educator and kindy students