Becoming a Family Day Care Educator

A unique opportunity to build a home business and play a fundamental role in the lives of children

For educators who are passionate about running their own business at home, Family Day Care with Wanslea offers fantastic benefits.

We can offer you:
• A co-ordination team to support and guide you through the registration process
• Continuing support and guidance in meeting regulation requirements
• Play sessions to meet other Family Day Care educators
• Continuing education and resources to enhance play and learing
• Forms and documentation required to meet Care and Education regulations

So long as you:
•   Have a Certificate III (or above) in childcare, or are willing to obtain one
•   Have a positive attitude to children, families and their needs
•   Know about children’s needs, child development and how to support their learning
•   Can work flexible hours
•   Want to start and build your own exciting business opportunity

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Is becoming a Family Day Care Educator the perfect fit for you?

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