Inclusion Support Program

Child care and support services for all children

The WA Inclusion Support Program is designed to facilitate and assist educators with resources and funding to offer care and early childhood support services that are inclusive of all children.

With support from the WA Inclusion Agency, Wanslea will be able to support early childcare services in the Peel, Whealtbelt, Goldfields and Great Southern regions for children:
•     With a disability
•     Being diagnosed with a disability or undergoing disability assessment
•     From diverse cultural and language backgrounds
•     Settled in Australia from humanitarian and refugee intervention backgrounds
•     From Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds
•     Presenting with disruptive behaviours or language and speech delays
•     With a serious medical condition
•     Deemed as vulnerable

Through the support of the Inclusion Support Program, Wanslea is able to increase the skills of our educators, along with increasing the capacity of our child care and early childhood support services to offer care for children, and support to families who need it the most.

For more information, contact 1800 11 92 47