Foster Carer - How to make a Complaint


As a volunteer foster carer of Wanslea, if you are unhappy with a service Wanslea provides, how staff have treated you, or decisions that have been made on your behalf, then Wanslea encourages you to speak up. By letting Wanslea know how you feel, Wanslea will be able to achieve better outcomes for you and your family.

What can be complained about?

A complaint can be made about or against any Wanslea program or employee. If you feel the program has not fulfilled its agreed requirements or if a worker has done something that has made you feel uncomfortable or unhappy then you have just cause to complain. You may also complain about any information or report that has been made about you or your family and that you feel has not been done with adequate consultation.

What cannot be complained about?

Complaints can only be made against Wanslea programs or employees. Any grievances with outside agencies such as the Department for Child Protection and Family Support, Children’s Court, or other agencies, fall outside this complaints process and need to be followed up with the corresponding agency.

Will making a complaint affect my service?

Making a complaint will in no way impact the service you are currently receiving or any service delivery in the future. You have the right to complain when you feel you are being wronged or are unhappy about something being done to you or your family. Wanslea welcomes complaints as a way of improving its services to you and other families and making sure similar complaints can be avoided in the future.

Making a Complaint

1.Ask to speak with your case worker. Most complaints can be resolved through direct and open communication with your Wanslea worker. By letting your worker know you are unhappy with something allows them to help you look at your options.

2.If you have not been successful through open communication with your worker or do not feel comfortable speaking with them, contact the Operations Manager Out of Home Care.

a) This can be done though contacting 9245 2441 and asking to speak with the Operations Manager Out of Home Care.

b) If you have not been successful in reaching someone, please let reception know you wish to make a complaint and leave a message for the Operations Manager to ring you back.

3.The Operations Manager should ring you back within two working days of receiving your complaint and begin the complaints process.

Complaints Process

1.The Operations Manager will contact you to discuss your complaint and depending on the nature of your complaint speak with you on the phone or arrange a time to meet you

2.The Operations Manager will listen to your complaint and discuss with you your options to reach a solution to your complaint

3.If your complaint is about a specific worker, attempts will be made to include all parties in the resolution process and find a solution that is agreeable to both parties

4.If you are not happy with the outcome achieved by the Operations Manager you have the option of asking them pass your complaint to the Executive Manager

5.The Executive Manager will review the complaint, meet with all parties and work towards a successful resolution.

How long will it take?

Within two working days of you notifying Wanslea of your wish to make a complaint, a Manager should get back to you by phone. Every attempt will be made to have your complaint resolved within 21 working days after the initial complaint being made. If there is a delay in this process, you will be notified of the delay and the reasons for the delay

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