When your child is referred

When your child comes into care with Wanslea foster carer:

➢    Your child will be encouraged to keep in contact with you, by telephone or visits.
➢    A Wanslea social worker will keep you informed about your child’s wellbeing.
➢    Where possible, your child will continue at their usual school or day care. If this is not possible, they may need to be enrolled at another school while they are in foster care.
➢    Foster carers will respect your child’s religion, cultural practices and food requirements.

There are forms to complete when your child comes into foster care. These let the foster carer know your child’s needs and routines. Things we like to know about your child include:

➢    Bedtime, rest and meal time routines
➢    Medical and health information (eg allergies and medications)
➢    Significant family and friend relationships

Wanslea foster carers provide safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate homes for children. The foster carer selection process is thorough and they are assessed against competencies to ensure they are appropriately screened and approved. Foster carers are an integral part of a team; they work with family support workers and social workers who provide supervision and support.

Some things you need to know

Any information we collect about you and your family is kept confidential. Wanslea social workers share information with each other and, if there are serious concerns about the wellbeing or safety of a child, with the Department of Communities.

Contact us for more information or call us during business hours on
(08) 9245 2441.

This service is free and funded by the Department of Communities.


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