About Wanslea


Wanslea promotes community, family, and individual development through partnerships and services


Excellence and leadership in services for the community, families and children


* Respect for staff and those engaged with our services
* Integrity in how we work through honest and fair practices
* Collaboration through evidence based practices that ensure quality service provision 

Families and children have been at the heart of Wanslea since the organisation was established in 1943.  They are still the focus of our entire organisation, which has now grown to offer services in four key areas.

  • Family Support
  • Out of Home Care
  • Community Capacity Building
  • Child Care

Through the commitment of our dedicated staff, who share our values, we are now able to reach out to families located across the Perth Metropolitan area, the Peel, Great Southern and Goldfields regions.  Greater access means that we are able to help more families with a range of professional and support services.

It also means that we can be there for the children when they need us. It may be for one night because a parent is ill or it could be for long-term foster care. As always our focus is on the well being of the child. We don’t judge, we don’t discriminate, we’re there to help.

Annual Report 2020

 Strategic Plan 2020 - 2023